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Selected Publications

"Correlation of breast cancer axillary lymph node metastases with stem cell Mutations," JAMA Surgery (Vol: 148, Issue: 9, Page 873-878) - 2013

"Octreotide LAR and bolus octreotide are insufficient for preventing intraoperative complications in carcinoid patients," Journal of Surgical Oncology (Vol: 107, Issue: 8, Page 842-846) - 2013

"Fresh surgical specimens yield breast stem/progenitor cells and reveal their oncogenic abnormalities," Annals of Surgical Oncology (Vol: 19, Issue: 2, Page 527-535) - 2012

"Laparoscopic surgical exploration is an effective strategy for locating occult primary neuroendocrine tumors," American Journal of Surgery (Vol: 203, Issue: 5, Page 628-631) - 2012

"Characterizing the HER2/neu status and metastatic potential of breast cancer stem/progenitor cells," Annals of Surgical Oncology (Vol: 17, Issue: 2, Page 613-623) - 2010


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