Nucleic Acid Assessment

The GPSR provides nucleic acid assessment services to quantify and determine purity and size of RNA and DNA isolated from nearly any biological source. The quality assessment (QA) service is supported with a variety of measurement instruments, including several UV spectrophotometers, a plate reader, a fluorimeter and state-of-the-art Bioanalyzer systems including the Agilent 2100 and TapeStation 2200.

Proper quantitation and size analysis of RNA and DNA samples prior to downstream processing provides useful insight into sample quality, purity, and integrity which can help ensure high quality data and improved reproducibility.

Our trained staff is experienced at analyzing both RNA and DNA quality and the core provides comprehensive assessment reports to aid investigators with interpreting their results.

Bioanalyzer 2100                Qubit

Bioanalyzer 2100 (pictured left)                TapeStation 2200 (pictured right)                           Qubit 3.0 Fluorometer
Supports sensitive investigation of              Provides separation and analysis of DNA                 Quantifies RNA, DNA, protein, and oligo
different nucleic acid sample types             fragments and libraries up to 5000 base pairs        concentration using specific fluorescent assays

NanoDrop One           NanoDrop 8000               SpectraMax i3X Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

NanoDrop One                                                   NanoDrop 8000                                                            SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
Quantifies and qualifies DNA, RNA,            Provides multi-sample micro-volume                  Measures spectral-based absorbance,
and protein samples                                         UV-Vis spectrophotometry for DNA, RNA,            fluorescence, and luminescence
                                                                                    and protein samples

Services Offered

  • RNA (eukaryotic, prokaryotic, FFPE, small RNA) quality assessment
    • UV measurement at 260, 280, 230nm
    • Bioanalyzer assay of total or mRNA : Agilent RNA 6000 Nano or RNA 6000 Pico chips ; quantitative and qualitative threshold for the RNA 6000 Nano chip is 25ng/µl and for the RNA 6000 Pico chip, 50pg/µl 
    • Fluorescent assays 
      • RiboGreen RNA Quant-iT Assay Kit (Invitrogen)
      • Qubit fluorescent assay (ThermoFisher)
  • DNA (fresh, frozen) quality assessment
    • Tapestation analysis of genomic DNA and FFPE DNA from 200 > 60,000bp (10-100ng/µl)
    • Bioanalyzer analysis for low concentration DNA (ChIP for example)
    • UV and/or fluorescence measurements available
    • Fluorescent assay (PicoGreen, Life Technologies) - optional
  • Fragmented DNA and Library quality assessment
    • High Sensitivity DNA chip assay, minimum sensitivity 5-500pg/µl
    • Fluorescent assay (PicoGreen, Life Technologies) - optional
To request assessment services, please use the iLab system.

Sample Preparation and Delivery

For information about sample preparation and delivery, please see the instructions here.



  • Intact
  • Degraded (FFPE)
  • Sequencing Libraries

Analysis Platform

  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
  • 2200 Agilent TapeStation
  • NanoDrop Instruments (UV spec, Fluorimeter)
  • i3X SpectraMax Plate Reader 


  • UV spec data, purity measurements
  • Fluorescence measurements (if requested)
  • Electropherogram Traces, RIN and DIN scores, DV200 values
  • Customized data report 
  • Troubleshooting assistance available