The OHSU Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FCSR) has operated as a core resource for OHSU researchers and the Knight Cancer Institute members since 1996 and the Oregon Stem Cell Center since 2005. It provides advanced flow cytometry instrumentation, technical expertise and technical services.

The FCSR provides training in data interpretation, experiment design and routine operation to researchers; this offers them the cost-saving option of doing some of the work themselves. Finally, this resource may also save valuable time by analyzing specimens for investigators if needed.

T-regulatory cells

We Provide:

  • Quantitative measurement of fluorescent reporters to assess the distribution of specific molecules within cell populations
  • Sorting to isolate purified cell populations based on detection of specific probes such as antibodies and fluorescent proteins
  • Analysis of multiple characteristics such as relative cell size, antibody binding to cell surface or intracellular biomarkers, DNA and RNA content, and fluorescent protein expression.
  • Functional assays to measure apoptosis, enzyme activity or calcium flux
  • Cells can be sorted into 5-15 ml conical tubes, eppindorf tubes or cloned into multi-well plates.
  • After acquisition of data, investigators will receive data files and/or data plots. In addition, for sorting experiments, investigators will receive sorted cells and an analysis of post-sort purity.