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The Cytogenetics Research Core Laboratory at OHSU provides characterization of human and non-human cell lines through high quality chromosome analysis and molecular cytogenetic approaches. This service is available to the OHSU research community, as well as non-profit and commercial investigators elsewhere.

Services We Offer
  • Cell Line Authentication by G-banded Chromosome Analysis: Confirm species of origin (human, mouse, rhesus, canine, other) and assess numerical and structural chromosome aberrations that may impact interpretation of data.
    DNA Services Core STR Authentication
  • Chromosome Counting/Aneuploidy Screen: Rapid assessment of mouse embryonic stem cells for aneuploid clones and structural aberrations that may interfere with successful generation of transgenic mice.
  • Genomic Instability Assessment: Detection of chromosome breaks, radial formations, sister chromatid exchanges, and micronuclei with and without chemical exposure.
  • Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH): Interphase and metaphase detection of deletions, duplication, amplification and chromosome rearrangements, using probes of interest on fresh cells and FFPE tissue sections. Many probes already in-house.