Quantifying Signal

If labeling and acquisition settings are kept identical, all of our systems will deliver images that can be quantified for intensity of labeling.  However, there are considerations to follow to ensure the measurements can be done easily and reliably.

Quantifying Co-Localization

There are several approaches to measuring overlap of labeling.  Find here general descriptions of the different techniques, as well as controls to include and parameters to consider during sample preparation.

File Formats

Don't despair over the complexity of file formats you have to deal with when using our equipment.  There are some key conceptsand programs  that will make juggling the different file types less of a headache.


Why you have to know about both these acronyms and how to best deal with the issues.

Quicktime movies

A few pointers on how to best reduce your large data sets into a small, manageable movie to share with friends.