Zeiss Elyra PS.1

The Zeiss Elyra PS.1 is a combination setup for the following imaging modalities - 

  • Laser-scanning confocal microscopy (LSM710). Pinhole-based out-of-focus light rejection in confocal microscopy has long been used for high-resolution imaging. On our setup, this well-accepted methodology can be compared to the more advanced super-resolution technologies without moving the sample.
  • Airyscan  detection is a super-resolution technology with optical sectioning capabilities that yields up to 5-fold improvement in voxel resolution.
  • Super-resolution structured illumination microscopy or SIM
    Sim is an easily accessible super-resolution technology that uses standard fluorophores and yields up to 8-fold improvement in voxel resolution.

  • Single-molecule localization microscopy, such as PALM and  STORM.

    Single molecule localization techniques generally require use of unusual labeling techniques, but can yield more than ten-fold lateral resolution improvement. Note that imaging is limited to area close to the coverslip.


 Lasers (SR / LSM and Airyscan)


  • 405nm / 405nm
  • 488nm / 488nm (Argon)
  • 561nm / 561nm
  • 642nm / 633nm
  • 10x0.3 PlanNeofluar
  • 25x0.8 PlanNeofluar
  • 63x1.4 PlanApo
  • 100x1.46 alpha PlanApo