Zeiss ApoTome

Zeiss ApoTome.2

Our simplest, standard wide-field microscope with CCD-based image acquisition, for both fluorescence and colorimetric staining. Collect optical sectioning from your fluorescently stained thin sections fast and easy through structured illumination using the automated ApoTome.2 device.


  • Blue        Ex ~380/40 Em 445/50
  • Green     Ex 470/40 Em 525/50
  • Red         Ex 545/25 Em 605/70
  • FarRed   Ex 640/30 Em 690/50
  • Transmitted


  • 5x0.16 PlanApo
  • 10x0.45 PlanApo
  • 20x0.8 PlanApo
  • 40x1.3 PlanApo
  • 63x1.4 PlanApo

The system is built on a Zeiss AxioImager upright microscope stand with motorized X,Y stage for acquiring images of areas larger than the field of view through tiling of individual images. The Zeiss AxioCam 506 (1 " CCD sensor with 2752 x 2208 pixels of small 4.54 μm size) delivers twice the field-of-view of standard CCD cameras.