Yokogawa CSU-W1

Yokogawa CSU-W1

This setup is specifically configured for live-cell imaging in dishes, chamber slides, and multi-well plates. The system can be run in a 4-color mode for sequential imaging with blue, green, orange-red, and far-red fluorophores or can be configured for simultaneous imaging of green and red fluorescent proteins in live sample. The software has capabilities for multi-well plate imaging in high-content acquisition and analysis mode .


  • 405nm
  • 488nm
  • 561nm
  • 640nm


  • 20x0.45 Plan Fluor
  • 20x0.75 Plan Apo VC
  • 40x1.3 Plan Fluor
  • 60x1.4 Plan Apo VC
  • 100x1.49 Apo TIRF







This setup is built on a Nikon TiE inverted microscope stand with full environmental enclosure to maintain temperature, humidity, and pH. The stage is motorized in x,y and offers fast, piezo-driven z positioning. Hardware-based drift compensation maintains focus stability over time. In standard wide-field imaging mode, LED-based excitation switching is combined with emission filter switching for fast four-channel imaging. Nikon NIS Elements HCA software streamlines automated well plate acquisition (up to 384-well format), data review and analysis.

The Yokogawa CSU-W1 spinning disk confocal unit is equipped with two pinhole arrays to offer confocality both at high and low magnification with minimal pinhole cross-talk. Emission can be split onto two sCMOS cameras for simultaneous detection of green and red fluorescent signals. A digital micromirror device facilitates free-form photoactivation with simultaneous image acquisitions.