The ALM Core has a number of different imaging setups that each excel at different applications. Unless noted as in the Collaborative Life Sciences Building (CLSB), instruments are on Marquam hill in LBRB (see About for more location information).

Laser-Scanning Confocals

Our laser-scanning confocal microscopes are equipped with highly corrected objectives with high-numerical apertures for optimal multi-color imaging and optical sectioning.

Spinning Disk Confocal

Spinning disk confocal microscopy outperforms laser-scanning microscopy for live-cell imaging. These setups accept mutli-well plates for image-based screening assays.


Large live specimens can be imaged without toxicity long-term. The same system can be converted into a setup for fast 3D imaging of cleared tissues.

High Resolution Widefield

Deconvolution excels over confocal microscopy for thin, sparsely labeled specimens. 

Our most economical solution for imaging fluorescence and colorimetric stains.

Fully automated imaging of routine histological specimens.

Super-Resolution Microscopy

Structured illumination-based and Airyscan super-resolution microscopy are very accessible super-resolution technologies. One of our setups is also equipped for single-molecule localization techniques, such as PALM and STORM.

Multi-Photon Microscope

  • Zeiss LSM 7MP on upright imaging stand

This setup is built for imaging intravitally in live rodents.

Incubator Microscope

  • Essen Biosciences IncuCyte ZOOM

Imaging device inside a tissue-culture incubator to follow cell growth and differentiation over days or quantify cell migration, angiogenesis and neurite outgrowth over time.

Image Analysis and Presentation

We have several high-end workstations with image analysis and processing software suites to analyze and present your multi-dimensional data.