Zeiss LSM 880 with Fast Airyscan

The Zeiss LSM 880 Fast Airyscan setup is configured for imaging both fixed and live-cell specimens. The multi-modal system is built around a motorized AxioObserver Z1 inverted microscope and features hardware-based Z drift compensation and a full enclosure to control temperature and atmosphere during time-lapse imaging. The stage is motorized in X,Y to mark positions or acquire images of areas larger than the field of view through tiling of individual image stacks.

Several imaging modalities and detection strategies are implemented on this setup. For conventional confocal scanning, sensitive cooled GaAsP detectors can deliver up to 34 channels of spectral information.The external Airyscan 32-channel array detector delivers super-resolved images with up to 8-fold voxel reduction. The same detector can be used for FastAiry scanning where beam shaping is used to read out information from 4 pinholes at a time. Multi-photon excitation can be captured on a two-channel non-descanned BiG.2 detector. This detector can also be run in photon-countingmode for FLIM and FCS imaging.



  • 405nm diode
  • 457/488/514 Argon
  • 561nm DPSS
  • 594nm HeNe
  • 633nm HeNe
  • tunable pulsed Ti:Sapphire laser (690-1080nm) 
  • 10x0.45 PlanApo
  • 20x0.8 PlanApo
  • 40x1.2W C-Apo
  • 63x1.4 PlanApo