About OPA

OHSU Marquam Hill Campus

Our Mission

The mission of OHSU's Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) is to support the career development of all OHSU postdoctoral scholars from arrival to departure. In doing so, the OPA strengthens the research training for all postdoctoral scholars, ensures a consistent and superior postdoctoral experience, and prepares postdoctoral scholars for any professional endeavor they wish to pursue.

Postdoctoral Training Objectives

Postdoctoral training at OHSU is framed on the National Postdoctoral Association's Core Competencies. By the end of the mentored training period, a postdoctoral scholar will:
  1. Possess a broad base of established and evolving discipline- and research-specific knowledge and skills;
  2. Demonstrate effective professional and interpersonal communication skills that allow for interaction with colleagues at all levels;
  3. Adhere to and reflect professionalism standards and practices within the workplace, institution, and discipline;
  4. Possess the skills and techniques needed to facilitate effective mentorship, leadership, and management of projects and people;
  5. Receive training in the responsible conduct of research to improve the ability to make ethical and legal choices; and
  6. Articulate a plan to pursue a career path of his or her choosing.