Message from the Director

Jackie ShannonThe Integrated Program in Community Research was initiated in 2015. Over the past few years, I have often been asked by colleagues at our institution to explain what exactly the Integrated Program "is"; so I would like to take this opportunity to describe our rationale and vision for this program. 

The Integrated Program in Community Research is born of a recognized need for the coordination of existing programs in community research. As such, our mission is to align and leverage existing OHSU community research programs to grow the capacity for grant funded community research, extend the role of community in all institutional missions and garner institutional support to create a sustainable and collaborative program recognized by community and academic leaders for excellence in community research.  

Thus, we work to identify and understand the barriers to conducting community research at OHSU and develop approaches to addressing these barriers through tailoring existing or developing new resources. As can be seen in walking through our website, the first identified areas of need were in supporting human subjects regulations in community research and in providing evaluation expertise appropriate for both the academic investigator and the community partner. 

We have worked with colleagues at the Knight Cancer Institute and OCTRI to provide initial funding for these resources and make them available to support the work of community engaged investigators across the campus. My hope is that you will find benefit to our work and importantly share your thoughts on how we may best support our colleagues and work toward an ultimate vision of supporting the community of Oregon through becoming a unified, broadly recognized, respected and coordinated program of community research at OHSU.