Human Subjects' Protection Team

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What does the OHSU Community Human Subjects' Protection Team do?

The Community Human Subjects' Protection Team assists OHSU researchers, community researchers and community organizations to assure their research and program evaluation projects protect human subjects from initiation to evaluation and final analyses. The Community Research Consultant provides education, training and technical assistance around the important topic of human subjects' protection.

What topics or issues do they help with?

  • What is human subjects' protection?
  • Why is protecting human subjects and data important?
  • Is my project research?
  • What is an IRB (Institutional Review Board)?
  • Do I have to send my project through an IRB?
  • How do I train my whole organization about the protection of human subjects in support of our proposed project and its goals?

The Community Research Consultant works in close collaboration with other OHSU services, investigators, the IRB and the Community Research Coalition Hub, and is therefore willing to provide referrals to additional internal and external resources, as applicable.

How do I schedule a consult?

In order to schedule a consultation, please send an with the following information

  1. your project plan or idea,
  2. the goals or purpose of the project,
  3. which entities are involved in the project,
  4. the population you're targeting,how you're collecting data from or about your population and
  5. when you are hoping to initiate your project (we can discuss reasonable expectations around any applicable IRB process at the time of our consultation).

Human Subjects' Protection Toolkit

Research Toolkit

In addition to the Human Subjects' Protection Team of humans that assist researchers and community members with particular projects, the development of a community-friendly toolkit is underway and will include community focused resources that address:

  • the importance behind protecting human subjects in research
  • a clear understanding about the role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • tips & templates for navigating the IRB process