What we do

What does the Community Research Hub do?

The OHSU Community Research Hub;

  • houses the Community Project Assistance Program  and experts that provide guidance in the areas of Human Subjects' Protection, Project Design and Implementation, Program Evaluation, Data Collection and Analysis,
  • supports a team of five regional Community Research Liaisons who live and work in their communities (North Coast, South Coast, Southern Oregon, Central Oregon, Columbia Gorge) and participate side by side with community leaders and health and wellness stakeholders to improve health in their regions,
  • supports the community-driven Research Coalitions that aim to use research impact beyond a single project or partner and address a key issues in their region  (e.g. homelessness, recruitment and retention of healthcare providers, diabetes prevention),  
  • provides no-charge consultations to community members and researchers  to help identify what is needed to move a research idea or project forward (e.g. expertise, partners, research services).


Core activities build capacity