Vollum Special Seminar Form

Any Vollum faculty or staff member may use this form to request that a Special Seminar be added to the regular Vollum Seminar Calendar. Special seminars include those sponsored by the Jungers Center, the Oregon Hearing Reseach Center and the NGP's Neurobiology of Disease Course, as well as seminars for Vollum and Vollum-affiliated faculty candidates.

NOTE: The Vollum will cover a portion of the travel, housing, and meal expenses for special seminar events deemed relevant to Vollum interests, however these require prior approval from the Vollum Director.

Detailed instructions for submitting the Vollum Special Seminar Form

  1. Fill out the form completely. ALL fields except "Comments" are required for submission.
  2. Click REVIEW to review your event's details on the confirmation page. EDIT if necessary.
  3. Click SEND to email the form to Vollum Illustrations and complete the submission process.

If you would like a copy of the form details for your records, please print the confirmation page BEFORE clicking SEND.

List department information for joint seminars in the Comments section.