von Gersdorff Lab

Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator: Henrique von Gersdorff

The article "Patch-clamp Capacitance Measurements and Ca2+ Imaging at Single Nerve Terminals in Retinal Slices" was recently published by the Journal of Visualized Experiments, JoVE.
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Current Lab Members

Minghui Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow
E-mail: chemi@ohsu.edu

André Dagostin
Postdoctoral Fellow
E-mail: dagostia@ohsu.edu

Alicia Geli
Senior Research Assistant
E-mail: gelia@ohsu.edu

Brendan Lujan
Postdoctoral Fellow
E-mail: lujabr@ohsu.edu

Marc Meadows
Graduate Student
E-mail: meadowsm@ohsu.edu

Katherine Thanyamongkhonsawat
Research Assistant 2
E-mail: thanyamo@ohsu.edu

Benjamin Zemel
Postdoctoral Fellow
E-mail: zemel@ohsu.edu


Here are some photos of present and past members of the lab. Past members of the lab now have positions and labs in Belgium, Brazil, Colorado, England, Germany, Massachusetts, and Oregon. The lab has ongoing collaborations with several other groups located in Argentina, Brazil, California, Canada, Colorado, Germany, Italy, Japan, Maryland, Spain, and West Virginia.

Lab Members 2016

von Gersdorff Lab_2016

Left to right: Owen Gross, Dennis Weingarten, Karina Leal, Marc Meadows, Henrique von Gersdorff, Nick Vyleta, Geetha Srinivasan

Lab Members 2009

von Gersdorff Lab_2009

Left to right: Geng-Lin Li, Meanhwan Kim, Soyoun Cho, Geetha Srinivasan, Jun Hee Kim, Evan Vickers, Henrique von Gersdorff

Lab Members 2005

von Gersdorff Lab_2004

Left to right: Jozsef Vigh, Geng-Lin Li, Bob Renden, Chris Kushmerick, Court Hull, Henrique von Gersdorff

Lab Members 2001

von Gersdorff Lab_2001

Left to right: Henrique von Gersdorff, Ricardo Leão, Mary Palmer, Court Hull, Nigel Cooper, Holger Taschenberger