About Our Lab

The Mandel lab applies a diverse set of approaches to questions related to the mechanisms of gene regulation in the healthy and diseased brain. At one end of a spectrum, we use animal models to study the developing and adult mouse brain, as well as to model the severe neurological disorder, Rett Syndrome, to better understand its molecular basis and how we might reverse symptoms. We also use human cell lines and brain tissue to study aging and its relationship to cognitive decline. At the extreme other end of the spectrum, we use high resolution imaging and single cell chromatin and transcriptomic analyses to unravel fundamental principles of gene regulation that extend across all organisms. This wide berth—from molecule to organism—allows us to capture the excitement of biology at more than one level and keeps our research at the forefront of the field.


Join Our Lab

Postdoctoral Fellow
If you are interested in working on our projects as a postdoctoral fellow, please send your CV and names of three references to via email.

Graduate Student Program
Graduate students can enter the Mandel lab via the Neuroscience Graduate Program or the Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences.

Summer Research Opportunities
Occasional and open only to highly motivated students, usually in their senior year of undergraduate studies. If you are interested, contact via email.