Our Team

Eric Fombonne, M.D.Eric Fombonne, MD. is a principal investigator for SPARK at OHSU, and is the Director of Clinical Autism Research at OHSU. He has been seeing and working with patients with autism and their families for 30 years. Dr. Fombonne is an internationally-known researcher in the epidemiology of autism, and has developed clinical and research programs in France, the United Kingdom and Canada before coming to OHSU. His research activities on autism and child and adolescent psychiatric disorders encompass genetic, longitudinal, epidemiological studies and clinical trials. Dr. Fombonne has published more than 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals and is on the editorial board of several journals in the field of autism and child psychiatry. He is a member of several scientific review committees and advisory boards, and was recently named one of Thomson Reuter's Most Influential Minds of 2015.


Brian O'Roak, Ph.D.

Brian O'Roak, PhD. is a principal investigator for SPARK at OHSU and Assistant Professor of Molecular and Medical Genetics. His lab at OHSU is working to unlock the genetic basis of autism and other disorders. Dr. O'Roak's accomplishments include groundbreaking research into the genetic basis of neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. O'Roak and fellow researchers pioneered a family-based, genome-sequencing model that has begun unraveling the genetic mystery of autism. Read about the study, published in the journal, Nature, and a related study published in Nature Communications. Dr. O'Roak's long-term goal is to develop early interventions and biologically-based personal therapies that can dramatically improve the lives of individuals with autism.



Lark Huang-Storms, Ph.D.

 Lark Huang-Storms, Ph.D., is a co-principal investigator for SPARK at OHSU and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.  She is a licensed psychologist who provides assessment and treatment around complex emotional, behavioral and neurodevelopmental challenges. Over the past decades, she has had the privilege of working in medical and educational settings with thousands of individuals with ASD from toddlerhood through adulthood. She became the director of the OHSU Autism Program in 2013.





Leigh Coppola

Leigh Coppola is the SPARK study coordinator. Leigh joins the OHSU SPARK team after 4 years as the Program Coordinator for Let's Get Healthy!, an interactive science education and research exhibit. She hopes to share her enthusiasm for autism research with the community through SPARK!