Core Component 2


Animal and Phenotyping Core

Director: John Crabbe
Co-Directors: Pamela Metten, Deborah Finn, Suzanne Mitchell

The Animal and Phenotyping Core (Component 2) provides services to all Center Components and Pilot Projects that require the use of mice. The objectives of this Core are to streamline animal production and distribution; provide standardized training in the collection of key phenotypic data for PARC-related, and when possible, other projects; and assist laboratories in data collection for certain phenotypes (e.g., determination of blood ethanol concentrations from samples provided to Component 2; measurement of ethanol drinking and withdrawal; measurement of impulsive-like behaviors).

The Animal and Phenotyping Core purchases mice for use in experiments or as breeders, and develops and/or maintains mice of specialized genotypes as needed by Center investigators. Examples are mice selectively bred for high or low levels of alcohol-related traits (e.g., high alcohol drinking), mice with single gene mutations, and congenic mice. Component 2 also assists the Molecular and Bioinformatics Core (Component 3) in the creation and/or maintenance of mice of specific genotypes that require molecular methods for their production.

The Animal and Phenotyping Core utilizes optimal animal husbandry procedures for successful offspring production and maintenance of healthy breeding colonies. Fair and balanced protocols are in place for animal distribution. A database is maintained with individual animal information (such as demographics and genotypes) to assist investigators and the Molecular and Bioinformatics Core with inclusion of these data in their analyses. This benefits coordination of data collected for a single project across more than one laboratory.

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