Funding Opportunities

OPERM provides grant funding, scientific expertise, a nonhuman primate (NHP) animal resource, laboratory and procedural infrastructure, and administrative support to investigators who wish to evaluate novel agents or procedures for permanent female contraception. The objective of OPERM is to identify and complete preclinical development of one or more approaches to nonsurgical permanent contraception in a nonhuman primate model such that the approach can be transitioned into early phase clinical trials in women.  

Investigators interested in nonsurgical permanent contraception are encouraged to apply for funding. Projects will be considered for award at three levels of support:

Phase 1 (pilot projects) receive direct costs of up to$100,000 per year. These projects are early stage studies that use a minimal numbers of animals, or in vitro approaches to develop methodology and/or proof of concept. Acceptability and perception studies that would inform the target product profile are included in this category.

Phase 2 (foundation) projects are envisioned to refine or demonstrate practicality of a concept in larger groups of 6-12 nonhuman primates. Dose finding and safety would be studied at this stage. Funds of up to $200,000 would be available.

Phase 3 (proof-of-concept) projects are projected to belong-term (~1 year) experiments that demonstrate permanent contraception and safety in a nonhuman primate breeding group. Funds of up to $300,000/year are available to support these more intensive studies that will require more animals and longer follow-up.


Past Requests for Proposals:

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