Translation to Practice

Total Worker Health addresses integrated programs to maximize safety and health, and build personal wellness and well-being throughout organizations. Different solutions exist for different organizations, although common themes are being identified.

Goal of Translational Resources

The goal of the resources below are to share evidence-based interventions that have been successful in integrating safety, occupational health and wellness within organizations. At present, the best-established interventions are focused on safety or health or wellness, with only a few aimed at broadly improving Total Worker Health domains with a single program.

Focus on Behavior and Work Structure

A key focus at OHWC is on behavioral and psychological factors and interventions that have proven effective based on the strongest science. That is, we seek to encourage organizational changes (e.g., policies, provision of healthy food choices), changes in work structure or processes (e.g., job redesign), optimized interactions between supervisors and employees that emphasize work-life balance to improve well-being and maximize choices of safe and healthy behavior patterns, and training supported by group processes (e.g., as found when employees work together on safety and healthy lifestyle options). Results of projects are reported on the "Publications" page.


The resources below are based on a selected sample and are not comprehensive. They are, however, a sample of excellent resources.

Resources Addressing Research to Practice and TWH

  • r2p: Research to Practice at NIOSH: The Research to Practice (r2p) initiative at NIOSH is focused on the transfer and translation of knowledge, interventions, and technologies into highly effective prevention practices and products which are adopted into the workplace. The goal of r2p is to reduce illness and injury by increasing the use of NIOSH-generated knowledge, interventions, and technologies.
  • Promising Practices to Total Worker Health™: NIOSH shares examples of how employers are taking active steps to effectively integrate health promotion and health protection in workplaces.
  • NIOSH TWH™ in Action! Newsletter: This electronic newsletter brings the latest news from the NIOSH Total Worker Health™ (TWH™) Program and partners.
  • Recorded free webinars on Health, Safety and Wellness: These biannual one-day symposia that address workplace safety, health and wellness topics are provided as recorded webinars by the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center.
  • Topics on Total Worker Health & Wellness and Sleep and Shiftwork: This no cost resource library, created and maintained by the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, consists of hundreds of links to resources and tools useful to health, safety and wellness practitioners.
  • Health Impacts Safety! guides for integrated safety and wellness meeting.
  • PHLAME Study and Research Findings: Promoting Healthy Living: Assessing More Effects is an intervention designed by OHSU Health Promotion & Sports Medicine originally designed for fire fighters and now available through Cancer Control PLANET.
  • CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program: This online tool has been developed by researchers at the Center for Promotion and Health in the New England Workplace to systematically develop programs to improve health, safety and productivity.
  • SafeWell Practice Guidelines: The SafeWell Practice Guidelines have been developed by the Harvard School of Public Health Center for Work, Health, & Well-Being to provide a model of strategies for integrated models of health.
  • Watch business leaders share their experiences and expertise on how they implement Total Worker Health in their workplace. In a series of short and detailed videos, University of Iowa's Healthier Workforce Center of Excellence capture the transfer of evidence-based techniques into small business.