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Given our emphasis on academic rigor and comprehensive community outreach, the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center maintains an active profile on various scientific and applied forums.

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Publications-Science & Practice

Intervention Effects

1. Hammer, L., Truxillo, D., Bodner, T., Rineer, J., Pytlovany, A., & Richman, A. (in press). Effects of a workplace intervention targeting psychosocial risk factors on safety and health outcomes: Psychosocial factors and workers health and safety. Biomed Research International.

2. Olson, R., Wright, R., Elliot, D., Hess, J., Thompson, S., Buckmaster, A.M., Luther, K. & Wipfli, B. (2015). The COMPASS pilot study: A Total Worker HealthTM intervention for home care workers. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 57(4), 406-416.

Population Characteristics

3. Bodner, T., Kraner, M., Bradford, B., Hammer, L., & Truxillo, D. (2014). Safety, health, and well-being of municipal utility and construction workers. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 56(7), 771-778.

Methodology & Assessment

4. Elliot D, Rohlman D, Parish, M. (2015). Focus groups move online: Feasibility of Tumblr use of e-health curriculum development. Journal of Medical Internet – Research Protocols, 4(1), 1-6.

5. Olson, R., Elliot, D., Hess, J., Thompson, S., Luther, K., Wipfli, B., Wright, R., & Buckmaster, A. (2014). The COMmunity of Practice And Safety Support (COMPASS) Total Worker Health™ study among home care workers: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials, 15, 411.

6. Olson, R., Wipfli, B., Wright, R., Garrigues, L., Nguyen, T., & Lopez de Castro, B. (2014).  Reliability and validity of the home care STAT (Safety Task Assessment Tool). Applied Ergonomics. 45(4), 1157-66.

7. Rohlman, D., Parish, M., Elliot, D., Montgomery, D., & Hanson, G. (2013).  Characterizing the needs of a young working population: Making the case for total worker health in an emerging workforce. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 55, S69-S72.

8. Wipfli, B., Olson, R., Wright, R., Garrigues, L., & Lees, J. (2012).  Characterizing hazards and injuries among home care workers.  Home Healthcare Nurse, 30(7), 387-393.  

Theory & Review

9. Elliot, D., Kuehl, K.,El Ghaziri M, & Cherniack, M. (in press). Total Worker HealthTM for corrections officers: Moving an invisible profession into view. Corrections Today.

10. Anger, K., Elliot, D., Bodner, T., Olson, R., Rohlman, D., Truxillo, D., Kuehl, K., Hammer, L., & Montgomery, D. (2015). Effectiveness of Total Worker Health interventions.  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 20(2), 226-247.

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