Point of Care Lab

In the OHSU Point of Care Lab, we recognize that health care has become the greatest domestic crisis of the 21st century. Our lab is focused on the development of tools and technologies that will help change the current paradigm of clinic-focused, top-down health care delivery.

By forming close collaborations with clinicians and basic scientists across OHSU, we have created an environment in which our science and engineering has relevance, importance, and impact.

The Point of Care Laboratory is located in OHSU's Center for Health & Healing on the 13th floor. The space is designed to simulate an apartment and is outfitted with numerous sensors, a user computer and a sensor computer in addition to new technologies that are being tested. All technologies that get deployed in ORCATECH studies are tested in this space prior to being released to homes of our participants.

Point of Care Laboratory graphic

Schematic of Point of Care Laboratory. Simulated apartment living space outfitted with sensors.