2015 Orcatech Platform

ORCATECH has developed a comprehensive system to collect data from continuous, unobtrusive, health related assessments performed at home in real-time, relying primarily on passively monitored activity. This passively collected data, such as walking speed and movement between rooms, is supplemented by participants' regular online self-reported data and occasional in-home staff visits.

Signals captured daily by this unobtrusive, ambient sensing are byproducts of everyday life activities, so outcome validity does not need to depend solely on adherence and compliance. These signals are securely communicated to ORCATECH's data analysis center, which employs innovative algorithms (customizable to the particular research project) that translate this multidimensional data into meaningful information. Combined with participant self-report data, this system provides several internal verification checks on the data collected and reported.

Platform components are initially developed and tested in our Point of Care Lab and complete systems are installed in the home of each participant in our Life Lab.

Collaboration with ORCATECH

Those interested in accessing more information about the ORCATECH Platform or other ORCATECH intellectual property and resources can inquire by contacting Chief Business and Operations Manager .