Product Development

ORCATECH consults with companies that develop data-driven home and medical products. ORCATECH facilitates product design, development and testing by utilizing direct access to research volunteers, knowledge of specialty populations, and the ability to easily implement focus groups.

Recent Product Collaborations

VTech Careline - Home Safety Telephone System

Ideal for everyday conversations and emergency situations, the CareLine system was co-developed by leading ORCATECH experts and VTech. The Careline system incorporates a safety pendant, a large-button corded phone, and a large-button cordless phone. The system was designed with promotion of independent living as the primary focus.

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"Celia" the Robot - Collaboration with Intel

"Celia" the Robot is a pilot program run by Jeffrey Kaye, M.D., in partnership with the Intel Corporation, as part of several collaborative projects aimed at developing products to help people age in place. The robot bridges physical distance by allowing family members or caretakers to spend time "virtually" with those who might need assistance. "Celia" can move from room to room to follow a family member as they go about their day and cook meals, for instance, or look for an individual in a home if there are indications of a fall or accident. Participants in pilot trials had very positive responses to "Celia," especially because it allowed them to feel like they were actually visiting with distant family members.

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ORCATECH's Celia Robot interacting with an elderly individual in her home.

Product Development Collaboration

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