Elder Care

ORCATECH has long been invested in facilitating "Aging in place," or promoting technologies that allow elders to live independently for as long as possible. ORCATECH's complete sensor platform is installed in the home of our research participants, allowing new technologies to be tested with great data resolution for target outcomes.

ORCATECH is now embarking on new studies looking at how to engage elder care facilities by providing administrators and staff with data from their own residents. A long-term goal is to be able to improve efficacy of major health decisions and transitions by including ORCATECH platform data in the conversation.

ORCATECH co-founder Dr. Tamara Hayes discusses ORCATECH's research promoting healthy, independent aging.

ORCATECH Satellite Sites

An advantage of the ORCATECH sensor platform system is that it can be installed anywhere with a broadband internet connection. If you are interested in working with ORCATECH to set up "smart homes" in your residential facility, please contact Judith Kornfeld at .


Elder Care Resources

If you or a loved one is interested in participating in some of our research, please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Here are some further elder care resources recommended by members of the ORCATECH team:

  • Leading Age is a non-profit working to expand the world of possibilities for aging: www.LeadingAge.org
  • To search for continuing care communities, please visit Leading Age's search tool: www.LeadingAge.org
  • For information about caregiving for someone with Alzheimer's (or related) Disease, visit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America at www.alzfdn.org.