Data Mining

High resolution data is meaningless without robust systems to analyze and interpret the datasets. ORCATECH invests significant resources in making sense of the large amounts of high resolution data collected by the ORCATECH sensor systems. Automated data-culling and project-tailored algorithms are developed in-house to most accurately reflect the target health information. Although ORCATECH primarily works with data generated by our own ambient sensor platform, we also provide data mining services to outside organizations for analysis of their existing data.

Multi-color data plot with Time vs. Velocity
The above image is a graphic estimate of the probability that a particular subject will walk at a certain speed, noting time and effect of a stroke in November, 2009. Using aggregate data from hundreds of ambient walking speed measurements, we can see that this participant's walking speed became slower and less variable than it had been before the stroke. (Austin, Hayes, Kaye, Mattek & Pavel, 2011).

Data Mining and Analysis Collaboration

If you are interested in seeking ORCATECH collaboration for data use or data mining, please submit an Application for Resource Use so that we can better understand your project.