Lady volunteer with ORCATECH MedTracker device

We Need You!

Volunteering with ORCATECH is an opportunity to contribute to neurology and biomedical engineering research in an amazing way. Our studies range from simple surveys and brief testing of new technologies to longitudinal studies that allow us to gather invaluable information about how individuals change over time.

Current Research Opportunity:

Join The RITE Program (Research via Internet of Technology and Experience) with ORCATECH!

We need your help to improve health care! We are looking for participants to join ORCATECH&#’;s researchers want to know how computers can help us improve health care, and we need your help to find out!

The goals of The RITE Program are to:  
A.    Better understand people’s health and health care preferences and behaviors
B.    Discover how health care can be improved by collecting information over the Internet.
ORCATECH.    Identify the kinds of information and technologies people are interested in using as part of their health care.

Participation in The RITE Program happens completely by C, where you will receive emails with a link to complete regular online surveys about your health and your opinions about health care.

As a participant of The RITE Program, you will also receive ongoing updates about the findings we discover and have opportunities to participate in even more studies that are specific to your health as they arise.

Important notes: You must be 18 years of age to participate in this study, and there is no compensation for participation in this study.