Project Lead:

  • Adenovirus Production
    • Custom medium to large-scale productions (purification by sorbitol gradient)
    • Custom medium to large-scale productions (purification by cesium chloride gradients)
    • Standard Adenovirus production sizes range from 2000 cm2 to 6000 cm2.
  • Adenovirus Titration
    • TCID50
    • Particle titer
    • Focus Forming Assay (FFA)
    • Replication-competent virus (RCV) assay (required for in vivo use)
  • For custom adenoviral vector production, user clones genetic sequences of choice into a provided shuttle plasmid 
  • Production size can be anywhere from a small pilot stock to a large prep, with purity levels varying from crude lysate to highly purified stock.
  • Transgene cassette choices available:
    • Inducible promoter for expression of toxic proteins
    • CMV promoter and V5-tag for high-level expression and easy protein detection
    • RNA interference (RNAi) cassettes for expression of short hairpin RNA (shRNA)
    • Empty expression cassettes for user-supplied regulatory elements and transgenes
    • Pre-made common stock vectors (such as Adeno-CMV-eGFP) available for pilot testing

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)

Project Lead: 

  • Custom rAAV Production

    • All custom rAAV productions include purification by Iodixanol Gradient Ultracentrifugation, Titer determination Free ITR qPCR, and purity assessment by silver stained SDS-PAGE

    • Choice of serotypes include 1, 2, 2 retro, 3, 5, 6 7, 8, 9 and DJ (serotype plasmid for production provided by MVSC). If your serotype of interest is not on our list, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.  For example, we have made AAV vectors with serotypes like LK03 and PHP.B for users.

    • Two production sizes are available:

      • Standard Medium Scale [2,000 cm2 culture scale, yields depend on serotype, typically ranging between 1011 - 1013 viral genomes (vg)]

      • Large-Scale [6,000 cm2 culture scale, yields depend on serotype, typically ranging between 1012 - 1014 vg)]

For more detailed information on requirements, how to prepare your plasmids for production, and to request a custom production, please refer to our AAV Production Request Form or contact the project lead.

  • Custom rAAV "Minipreps"

    • rAAV "Minipreps" are a cost-effective method developed in our laboratory to test multiple AAV constructs for expression without the need for cumberson iodixanol purification1,2.  This method is recommended for pilot testing/screening of our constructs.  Examples of vectors produced by this method include: 
      • AAV1 CBA GFP injected in the developing mouse inner ear expressed GFP and showed no apparent toxicity (done in collaboration with Dr. John Brigande's laboratory)
      • AAV8 CMV EGFP injected intraperitoneally in mice showed EGFP expression in the liver without any local inflammation (done in collaboration with Dr. Caroline Enns laboratory)
    • rAAV "Miniprep" includes production in one T-150 flask (150 cm2) with partial purification by ultrafiltration, and quantitation by Free ITR qPCR.  Yields typically range between 1010-1011 vg.
For further details please refer to the AAV Miniprep Request Form.
  • AAV Stock vectors
    • Pre-made AAV stock vectors for pilot testing are available for purchase and include:
      • AAV-CMV-EGFP (serotypes 1, 2, 2 retro,3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, DJ)
      • scAAV9-CMV-EGFP (self-complementary vector)
      • AAV1 CBA GFP
      • AAV- CMV- Luciferase (serotypes 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9)

To purchase pre-made stocks, please fill out the AAV Stock Request Form and email the project lead. 

  • AAV Neutralizing Antibody (AAV NAb) Assays
    • Separate AAV NAb assay for AAV serotypes 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9
    • Two types of NAb assay are available: Screening and ID50
      • The screening assay is used to screen animals for NAb presence/absence; 3-dilution range
      • The ID50 assay includes 11 three-fold dilutions globally fitted to determine ID50

For further details please refer to the AAV NAb Assay Request Form or contact the project lead. 


1. Gomes MM, Wang L, Jiang H, Kahl CA, and Brigande JV. (2015). A Rapid, Cost-Effective Method of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Preparation Enables Efficient Gene Transfer to the Developing Mouse Inner Ear. Auditory and Vestibular Research (Second Edition): Methods in Molecular Biology.

2.  Kleven MD*, Gomes MM*, Wortham AM, Enns CA and Kahl CA. (2018). Ultrafiltered recombinant AAV8 vector can be safely administered in vivo and efficiently transduces liver. PLoS One 5; 13(4):e0194728. *Equal contribution

Lentivirus (HIV, SIV and SHIV)

Project Leads: ,

  • Custom virus stock productions for HIV, SIV and SHIV.
  • SIV and SHIV Titration
    • TZM-bl (FFA)
    • TCID50
  • SIV and SHIV Diagnostics
    • SIV plasma viral load (PVL) quantification (qRT-PCR)
    • Ultrasensitive SIV detection and quantification in tissues (nested digital qPCR, qRT-PCR)
    • SIV p27 protein and SIV antibody determination (ELISA)
  • Ultrasensitive SIV detection and quantification in tissues (nested digital qPCR)
  • SIV p27 protein and SIV antibody determination (ELISA)
  • For lentiviral vectors, please contact at the MCB Core

Rhesus Cytomegalovirus (RhCMV)

Project Lead:

  • RhCMV Production
    • Medium to large scale productions (purified by sorbitol cushion)
    • Crude infected cell lysate for viral protein
  • RhCMV Titration
    • TCID50
    • Plaque Assay
  • RhCMV Diagnostics
    • Virus co-culture from animal tissues
    • Viral load quantification (qpcr)
  • Virus co-culture from animal tissues
  • Virus stock and vector production
  • Viral load quantification (qPCR)

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Project Lead:

  • DNA/RNA extraction from small and large tissue samples
  • Manual and robotic nucleic acid isolation and purification

Other services

  • Virus isolation from tissues and fluids
  • RhCMV, RRV and SFV viral antigen preparations for ESPF screening
  • Cell stocks: primary and cell lines
  • Sample processing and banking

The MVSC also offers data analysis and troubleshooting, custom services, consultation and training.  Please inquire if you need additional assays not listed here and for assay development. We are committed to serving you and your research needs.