Histopathology- Morphology Core

The Histopathology- Morphology Research Core of the ONPRC is designed to meet the research histology needs of anyone in the ONPRC, OHSU, and Academic- non OHSU communities.  Services are also provided to external persons.   



Paraffin histology: tissue processing, serial sectioning, H & E staining and special stains

Frozen tissue histology: tissue processing (isopentane quick freeze), cryosectioning, free-floating or slide mounted sections, knife sharpening

Training and consultation for histological techniques



LEICA CM 3050S manual and automatic cryostat

MICROM HM 315 rotary microtome

MICRON HM 325 rotary microtome

Tissue- Tek TEC embedding center

Tissue- Tek VIP paraffin processing center

LEICA SP 9000 knife sharpener 



The Histopathology- Morphology Research Core is a fee for service open to all in need.  Trained users can reserve time on the microtomes.  HPMRC is located at OHSU-West Campus, ONPRC. 



Wendy Price
Animal Services Building 1, Room 103