High School

From the very earliest days of the Center, ONPRC scientists have provided opportunities for high school students to experience research first hand, both in formal apprenticeships and in more informal volunteer capacities. Today, the Center supports the following programs for high school students:

ASE Student 2012Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering (ASE)

This program, administered by Saturday Academy, provides funding for students to participate in 8-week long summer internships with a Center scientist mentor. To qualify for a position at ONPRC, students must be 16 years of age (usually between their junior and senior years of high school). Additional information and application materials are available at the Saturday Academy website.

ONPRC Science Ambassadors

SA 2013Science Ambassadors is a mentorship program  that provides students with the opportunity to grow both scientifically and socially. High school students meet weekly throughout the school year to learn about cutting edge science from ONPRC scientists, and to develop lessons that convey the excitement and wonder of science to 5th graders from the Beaverton School District.  One of the strengths of the program is the bonding that occurs between the high school student mentors and their 5th grader "mentees".  Application materials for this popular program are available in the fall of each year.

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