Training and Education

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Oregon National Primate Research Center scientists play a key role in training future scientists through participation in a variety of both formal and informal science programs here at the Center and in the community.•    Since 1969 the Center has provided summer apprenticeship opportunities for over 280 high school students, many of whom have gone on to careers in medicine and research.  Apprenticeships opportunities for high school students are administered through Saturday Academy's "Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering" program.  For more information about this program, visit

The Center’s “Undergraduate Summer Fellowship” program was inaugurated in 2007. Since that time, 112 undergraduate students have completed summer projects under the direction of Center scientists. Students who are currently enrolled in accredited undergraduate institutions and will enter their junior or senior years following the summer of their internship are eligible to apply to this program. For more information, visit 

•    Since 1985, Center scientists have mentored nearly over 100 high school science teachers seeking hands-on lab experience. Summer apprenticeships for science teachers are now funded by the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust’s “Partners in Science” Program.  For a list of mentors and projects at the Oregon National Primate Research Center, contact Diana Gordon ( or (503) 346-5055). For application materials and more information about this program, visit

•    ONPRC provides training to students who are enrolled in accredited veterinary programs (both veterinary tech programs and programs that award a DVM degree) at institutions that have negotiated agreements with OHSU. For more information about these programs, contact Jeffrey Stanton, DVM ( or (503) 346-5283).Training for undergraduate or graduate students pursuing degrees in animal behavior and/or primatology can be arranged through a similar process. For more information, contact Diana Gordon ( or (503) 346-5055).

•    Through academic appointments at OHSU, Center scientists present lectures to medical students, medical residents, and graduate students.

•    Center scientists mentor a number of graduate students pursuing their dissertation research as well as post-doctoral fellows who come from around the world to train in our laboratories.