Our Staff

The Division of Comparative Medicine is responsible for all aspects of animal care contributing to the welfare of the Oregon National Primate Research center's animal colonies. This includes daily husbandry and the provision of veterinary medical care, a comprehensive electronic animal record system that tracks and monitors the health and well-being of every monkey throughout its life-cycle at the Center;and the development and implementation of the Nonhuman Primate Behavioral Management Plan, which addresses the psychological needs of our monkeys. The Division also provides research support services such as consulting with investigators about how to best address the welfare needs of their animals. The Division consists of eight functional units:
  • Administration
  • Behavioral Services Unit
  • Clinical Medicine Unit
  • Education and Training Unit
  • Operations
  • Pathology Services Unit
  • Resources and Logistics Unit
  • Surgical Services Unit
The Division is staffed by approximately 150 experienced, dedicated individuals, including 15 Faculty veterinarians, two PhD level animal behaviorists, veterinary and behavioral technicians and administrative staff.