Who cares for the animals?  

The Division of Comparative Medicine veterinarians, veterinarian support staff, behavioral staff, animal care technicians, laboratory staff, and administrative support staff are collectively responsible for the physical care and psychological well-being of the animals.

Because the Oregon National Primate Research Center's nonhuman primates are kept in good health, receive regular veterinary care and enjoy balanced nutrition, they live, on average, significantly longer than their "wild" counterparts in India and China. In addition, there is also a focused program for their psychological well-being. Surgical and potentially painful procedures are performed under the same anesthetic and antiseptic conditions as human surgery. When required, euthanasia of animals is performed without pain or suffering, generally by an overdose of anesthetics. The monkeys are protected from infection or other potentially ill effects which may be transmitted by other animals or humans; therefore while public viewing permissible with advanced scheduling, access is limited.