Research Benefits

Over the past century, medical science has created vaccines for polio, smallpox, mumps and measles. We have discovered new treatments for infertility, heart disease and diabetes. Our progress in combating leading killers such as AIDS, lung disease and cancer has accelerated. Through stem cell research, we have gained new insights that have the power to transform our understanding of human health and biotechnology. Without animal research, these breakthroughs would never have occurred.

Less than five percent of animals used in research are primates, and numerous government agencies and other organizations ensure that testing is humane and efficient. At the ONPRC, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of animal treatment. Our research on primates is vital to our understanding of human health and disease, and we have created models that revolutionize the way we conduct experiments and treat life-threatening disorders.

Primates share 98 percent of their genes with humans. Their body composition, maturation and reproductive processes are virtually identical to ours, giving us the unique ability to safely evaluate and test treatments that can dramatically improve human health. ONPRC researchers use these NHP models to deepen our understanding of disease and immunology—accelerating discovery and reducing the time it takes to bring new treatments, cures and vaccines to fruition.

Critical Role of NHPs in Research Infographic