USDA Inspection Reports

The care of animals at the Oregon National Primate Research Center is overseen locally and nationally by a variety of external and internal organizations including the OHSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, a university/ public body.  The National Institutes of Health requires very high standards in order to obtain and retain federal health research dollars.  The primate center also maintains voluntary accreditation that requires an institution to exceed the country's animal welfare laws.  However, the most well known form of oversight is the Animal Welfare Act.  The act is very lengthy and detailed set of federal guidelines that are updated regularly to ensure that animals in captivity are well cared for.  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act.

USDA inspectors visit ONPRC approximately twice a year and sometimes more often.  During their visit, they view animals, facilities, food supplies medications and records.  In effect, investigators can go wherever they want and see whatever they wish to ensure that the animals at ONPRC are receiving good care.  If problems are found, a research institution can be heavily fined and in an extreme case, animals can be confiscated -in-effect closing a research facility down. 

Below are Web links to all of the primate center's inspections in the past years.  By clicking each link you can see the full report along with background information when necessary. 

2018- First inspection

2017- First inspection

2016- Second inspection

2016- First inspection

2015- Second inspection

2015- First inspection

2014- Second inspection

2014- First inspection

2013- Second inspection

2013- First inspection

2012- Second inspection

2012- First inspection

2011- Second inspection

2011- First inspection

2010- First inspection

2009- Second inspection

2009- First inspection

2008- Second inspection

2008- First inspection

2007- Third inspection

2007- Second inspection

2007- First inspection

2006- Second inspection

2006- First inspection

2005- Second inspection

2005- First inspection

2004- Second inspection

2004- First inspection

2003- Second inspection