Internal Oversight

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

The IACUC is composed of individuals from the institution and the community, and they review (and must approve) all proposed research projects involving live vertebrates.  As noted above, IACUC approval is mandated for all research sponsored by funding from the U.S. government.  The IACUC also conduct inspections of animal facilities every six months.  The West Campus IACUC is administrated by the West Campus Research Integrity Office staff which assists the research staff in the completion and submission of IACUC protocols and advice on regulatory matters. This committee meets monthly to review all animal protocols for the West Campus and works in close consultation and collaboration with the OHSU Office of Integrity and the Main Campus IACUC via shared membership.

Animal Utilization Advisory Committee

This committee meets quarterly to address policies and procedures for determining long-range and short-term plans and needs for NHPs/animals and to resolve issues related to all aspects of NHP/animal use in research programs.  It also serves to educate about policy decisions related to use of NHPs in research protocols.  The committee is broad-based and has representation from the following areas: scientists in all research divisions, the veterinarians, lab animal medicine staff and administrative staff.


OHSU Institutional Biosafety Committee

This Committee evaluates all research that is conducted with recombinant DNA (rDNA), synthetic nucleic acid molecules, infectious agents, and biologically derived toxins regardless of funding, to ensure compliance with NIH Guidelines. The Committee routinely reviews and makes recommendations for all research projects performed at the ONPRC and VGTI.

Campus Safety Committee

This Committee educates and trains to protect the safety and health of employees.  The goal is to reduce potential for injuries and illnesses due to hazards in the workplace. The Committee evaluates incidents, summarizes information and makes recommendations for corrective action and is responsible for overseeing the adherence to local, state and federal workplace health and safety guidelines.More specifically, the Committee defines actual or potential occupational risk, promotes accident prevention, helps identify and define employee safety training needs and utilizes accident investigation resources in the event of an incident.

West Campus Radiation Safety Committee

The new Committee, established in 2001, integrates the West Campus—ONPRC/OHSU, VGTI and OGI. The ONPRC license will change from a Broad Scope B Radioactive Materials License from the State of Oregon to a Broad Scope A License to include all institutions on campus. New radiation policies and procedures were developed in the fall of 2001 and are updated as needed.

West Campus Operations

All division and unit heads meet to discuss, review and develop Center policies; issues regarding scientific program planning, facilities/property, primate/animal resources, information technology, environmental health and safety, administrative services and public relations/information are addressed.  Minutes of meetings are available to Center staff.

Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee evaluates candidates, including scientific staff and veterinary staff, for promotion according to procedures described in the Promotions Policy.  All employees participate in the annual OHSU personnel evaluation process.


Research Integrity Officer

ONPRC also has a full time Research Integrity Officer (RIO) whose responsibility is to assure compliance with all regulations related to animal research, staff training and safety on the West Campus.  In this role, the RIO is a member of the IACUC and reviews all animal protocols for completeness.  The RIO is also an ex-officio member of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), and meets regularly with the West Campus Attending Veterinarian, the IACUC chair, the Biosafety Officer and the Occupational Health nurse.  The RIO heads the West Campus training program and works closely with the Division of Animal Resources to assure proper training of animal technicians and research staff.  The RIO is a member of the OHSU Integrity Leadership Group, the IACUC Leadership Team, and the OHSU IACUC Advisory Council.