Clinical Specimen Processing, Storage & Shipping

Clinical Specimen Processing

The OCTRI Core Laboratory staff have extensive experience in a wide range of processing procedures including:

  • Routine serum and plasma separations
  • PBMC purifications via Ficoll or CPT tubes
  • RBC and platelet Isolation procedures
  • Nuclear extract preparations
  • Blood smear preparations
  • Addition of various additives such as antioxidants and protease inhibitors
  • Stabilization of RNA in tissues and blood
  • DNA isolation
  • Guthrie card spotting


Sample Shipping

Samples are shipped on a daily basis to other OHSU laboratories and to external testing laboratories, collaborating institutions and sponsor laboratories. Samples can be shipped at ambient temperature, 5C and on dry ice.


Sample Storage

High volume storage facilities are available for short and long term storage of clinical samples under various storage conditions.

  • Room temperature
  • 5C walk-in cold room
  • -20C walk-in cold room
  • -80C freezers
  • Liquid nitrogen storage

All storage facilities have high/low  temperature alarms which are also hooked up to OHSU public safety who can contact  laboratory staff after hours and on weekends in the event of any equipment malfunction.