Research Volunteer Registry

The Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) maintains an IRB approved registry of participants interested in participating in research at OHSU. The registry contains basic demographic information and limited medical history to allow researchers to contact potentially eligible research participants. The registry also includes a biorepository with serum, plasma, urine and saliva from healthy subjects. Samples can be made available for researchers who need control samples for their research projects. 

Why should I use the Research Volunteer Registry? 

By contacting people who have already expressed an interest in participating in research recruitment may be more efficient both in terms of time and money spent finding research subjects. 

What about IRB approval?

Repository staff will work with you to determine if any additional regulatory approvals need to be obtained prior to releasing data or samples. 

What about costs?

The costs of accessing the registry and repository are dependent on the number of samples or contacts requested. A cost estimate will be generated by the repository staff and will be sent to you for approval prior to any work beginning. 

How do I initiate a request to access the registry or biorepository? 

You can contact fill out the OCTRI Resource Request form to begin the process. If you have questions you can email the OCTRI Navigator (