REDCap Classes and REDCap Help Sessions

REDCap is a secure, reliable, versatile and feature-rich web application for building and managing HIPAA compliant online surveys and databases. 


The Basics Class provides research staff with an overview of REDCap capabilities and covers the most used functionality. Attendance is required for staff who will be responsible for project set up and design.


The Survey Class focuses on REDCap's survey functionality and will include demonstrations of specific survey features, including survey set up, repeating surveys, composing survey invitations, the participant list, automating invitations and the survey queue. Attendance is required for projects using survey functionality.

  • When: See exact dates under right hand column under "Upcoming Events"
    • 3nd Thursday of each month from 1:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. 
  • Where: SON (North) 415

Support for advanced features is provided through videos and the online FAQ

If you've already attended a class and you need help, drop in on a Help Session which are every week. There are many reasons to come to an advanced class or help session- sometimes for clarification on topics covered in the Basics Class, help using advanced features or suggestions about strategies for collecting data.  Prior attendance at a REDCap Class is required to attend a Help Session.

  • When: See exact dates under right hand column under "Upcoming Events"
      • Every Monday from 1 p.m. to 2 pm, Where: SON (North) Room 425
      • Every Thursday from 11 a.m. to  12 pm, Where: SON (North) Room 415

*Class is offered during regular business days (non-holidays).


  • Study teams are expected to test their projects before requesting to move them into a "Production" status, going too fast can result in more work. 
  • Testing includes: entering test data, testing any branching logic and calculated fields, testing functionality used (e.g. double data entry, data exporting, data importing, and order of data collection variables and instruments) with their study team. 
  • Consult with a statistician regarding best practices for data collection and to review data exports.
  • Real subject data should not be entered in projects with a "Development" status. 
  • For all research studies, when requesting that a project move into "Production" status, IRB approval is required.
  • Avoid using exotic metacharacters (e.g. [, \, ^, $, |, ?, *, +)
  • We expect study teams to test their projects before requesting to move them into "Production."
  • Only enter test data while the project is in "Development" and you are in the process of set up and design.

Want to Learn More?

REDCap is user-friendly—fast and easy to set-up, web-based, and secure—ensuring data quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

·       Learn more about REDCap at OHSU

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