Clinical Space

OCTRI maintains the Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) which has an inpatient unit, an outpatient clinic, a phlebotomy area and an infusion bay dedicated to the research mission. Our facility is located in the Hatfield Research Center on the 10th floor. 

Inpatient Facility & Infusion Space

  • The inpatient unit has 8 private rooms.
  • Three of the inpatient rooms are equipped with advanced sleep monitoring capability including light and temperature control and the ability to obtain blood samples remotely through pass-through windows.
  • We are staffed with RNs and medical assistants.
  • Every room has a television and phone and the entire unit has wireless internet access.
  • All inpatient rooms come with 3 meals a day provided by the hospital cafeterias.
  • Depending on circumstances we may also have space to accommodate pediatric patients and their families.
  • Additionally we have an infusion bay where medication infusions and intensive PK studies can take place.

Outpatient Facility & Phlebotomy Area

    clinical and translational research center clinic sign
  • The CTRC has an outpatient clinic area with exam rooms and a phlebotomy area
  • The outpatient clinic is staffed with research assistants trained in phlebotomy

Meals for Outpatient Participants

The hospital does not provide meals for outpatient study participants. The OCTRI Bionutrition Unit can provide meals for participants who are involved in studies at the CTRC outpatient unit. Learn more about meals for study participants.

For more information on accessing clinic space please see the CTRC Nursing Guide.