Identifying Academic, Community & Government Collaborators

Forming a research team is a critical foundation for innovative translational research. OCTRI is committed to assisting investigators in the process of identifying potential collaborators with a consultative service and collection of tools.

OCTRI Consultation

Members of the OCTRI Community & Practice Research (CPR) program and other programs work to identify and facilitate collaborative relationships among researchers, community health care practices, community organizations, and state and local government agencies. In addition, OCTRI partners with community health care practitioners and organizations to identify research priorities, develop and submit grant applications in these priority areas, carry out research, and disseminate research findings. 

SciVal Research Expertise Locator

The SciVal Research Expertise Locator provides a window into research activities and capabilities across OHSU. SciVal allows you to search for experts by concept or name, explore research networks and trends, and view individual researcher profiles.

Community & Practice Researchers

OCTRI has assembled a list of researchers who are open to collaboration and partnership opportunities in community and practice research.

Community Partnership Board

OCTRI has established a Community Partnership Board, which serves an advisory role and provides a forum for engaging the public in the initiation and conduct of health research. Additionally, OCTRI has established partnerships with a variety of regional practice-based research networks that have successfully collaborated with investigators to implement many different types of studies in their clinics.