Pilot Project Abstract - Johnson, Eric, PhD

Johnson, Eric, PhD, Investigator at Center for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPCHR): “The use of Angiotension Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACEIs) and Chronic Kidney Disease”

The use of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) is an important part of the clinical management of several chronic conditions, including coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Evidence of benefit from ACEIs in these conditions is significant, and their use has been recommended by numerous organizations (e.g., American Diabetes Association, American College of Cardiology, National Kidney Foundation). In spite of their proven benefits, ACEIs are prescribed to only a fraction of patients who might benefit from their use. Many health care providers do not use them out of concern for potential adverse effects. Many patients lose out on clinical management with these important medications; work to help translate trial findings into practice is needed.  Tools that can aid clinicians in determining which patients are at highest risk of adverse outcomes are an important way to move the use of these medications from clinical trials to patient care. The points-based system we plan to produce from our analysis can be used in direct patient care to help clinicians make decisions regarding for whom they can most safely prescribe ACE inhibitors.

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