Pilot Project Abstract - Devoe, Jennifer, MD, DPhil

DeVoe, Jennifer, MD, DPhil, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine, OHSU

“Developing Safety-Net Clinic Electronic Practice Management Data for Use in Translational Health Services and Health Policy Research”

This study aims to determine the extent to which electronic Practice Management (PM) data from Our Community Health Information Network (OCHIN) can be linked with Oregon’s Medicaid claims data. After creating a successful linked database, we will assess the extent to which OCHIN’s adult Medicaid recipients with diabetes access preventive care services outside of the OCHIN network.

Background. Safety net clinics provide excellent care to vulnerable populations. However, data are limited about the extent to which patients exclusively utilize the safety net system as a medical home. This relationship is important to understand as a step towards translating and disseminating clinical evidence into safety net populations. Specific Aims. In our efforts to develop the unique Practice Management (PM) data source from Our Community Health Information Network (OCHIN) as a research-ready population-based denominator, we propose: 1) To develop and evaluate methods for linking OCHIN’s PM data with Oregon’s Medicaid claims data, among OCHIN patients who receive Medicaid (>55% of OCHIN patients have Medicaid coverage). Hypothesis 1: Linking OCHIN PM data with Oregon’s Medicaid claims data will be feasible and will create a more robust combined database then either alone would provide. 2) To test the linked OCHIN/Medicaid database, described in Aim 1, by determining the extent to which OCHIN’s population of adult diabetics, with continuous Medicaid coverage, receive preventive care services outside of the OCHIN network. Hypothesis 2: OCHIN patients have limited access to healthcare services, so few individuals will have received preventive diabetes care outside of the extensive OCHIN network. Significance. We will design and demonstrate methods for utilizing the OCHIN data in future translational research projects in public clinic and public insurance settings; We will build a tool that contributes to our larger research agenda including assessing health policy reforms; and (3) we will develop methods that can be generalized and disseminated to other CTSAs.