Grand Opening - New CTRC & Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Opening May 6th, 2014

Construction is currently underway for the new leading edge Clinical & Translational Research Center & Epilepsy Monitoring unit located on the 10th floor of the Hatfield Research Center. Supported by heightened staffing, space and state-of-the-art equipment this new unit will strengthen and elevate the care of patients with neurologic diseases and the conduct of human research across a broad spectrum.

Facility Highlights:

  • Private inpatient beds available 24/7, staffed by experienced RNs
  • Inpatient sleep study capabilities
  • EEG monitoring in all beds
  • Private outpatient examination and procedure rooms
  • Efficient and convenient outpatient phlebotomy area
  • Ability to conduct research studies in acutely or chronically ill subjects
  • Ability to conduct mixed standard-of-care and research visits
  • Epic capability in all areas
  • Comfortable outpatient infusion area for prolonged visits, infusions, and pharmacokinetic monitoring


    Open House Event

    Tuesday, April 29th, 1pm to 3pm.
    10th floor of the Hatfield Research Building near elevator D.


    CTRC inquiries please contact Mary Samuels at or Sue Peterson at For the Adult Epilepsy Center please call 503 494-5682.