OCTRI Core Laboratory

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The OCTRI Core Laboratory is specifically designed and equipped to perform both basic and specialized research assays and sample processing in support of translational research studies and trials. Laboratory staff have extensive experience in the performance of a wide variety of analytical and genetic based assays and procedures.

Laboratory Services

Some of the most essential components of successful clinical research projects are sample integrity, timely sample processing, and effective sample storage -- all of which facilitate correct interpretation of subsequent assay data. A major role of the OCTRI Core Laboratory is to perform clinical specimen processing, storage and shipping.

The Laboratory also performs genetic analyses and procedures, including DNA & RNA extraction and purification, DNA sequencing and genotyping methodoligies. 

Laboratory staff are also available for consultations on assay selection, assay development and experimental design & consultation.

Laboratory Contacts

Clive Woffendin, PhD 

Laboratory Director


(503) 494-7148

Aaron Clemons, BSc 

Laboratory Associate Supervisor


(503) 494-8099


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