Clinical Trials

Although ORCCAMIND does not see patients, there are several opportunities to participate as subjects in research studies. For clinical information please visit the Neurology Wellness Clinic's website.

Subject Opportunities

Stress Reduction Training via Internet for Adults 50–80 Years Old

Principal Investigator: Barry Oken, M.D., IRB#11847

If you meet the following criteria, this study may be for you:

  • A healthy adult between the ages of 50 and 80
  • Experiencing some stress
  • Access to a computer with internet
  • No prior meditation experience within the past 2 years
  • Willing to travel to OHSU for 3 study visits
  • The study entails the following:

Telephone Eligibility Screening:

Baseline Visit:

  • Online questionnaires
  • Physical measures (i.e., height, weight)
  • Cognitive tasks to measure memory and attention
  • Voice recordings
  • Physical recordings of brain waves, heart rate, breathing rate, and sweat during computer tasks
  • Collect saliva samples and respond to handheld device that rings randomly for the two days following the visit

Randomized to receive (1) An internetbased Mindfulness Meditation program, (2) An internetbased Health &Wellness Education Program, or (3) No training (weekly one-hour online trainings and daily home practice IF assigned to receive a training program)

Endpoint Visit (same as Baseline, scheduled 8 weeks after Baseline)

All participants receive Meditation and Education Programs after the Endpoint Visit

Online questionnaire followup 6 months after the Endpoint

If you are interested in learning more about the study, please contact the study coordinator:

Dan Klee, 503-494-5650 or

Participants are compensated $145 for completing the study.