Rie Suzuki, PhD biography

Rie Suzuki received both her PhD in Health Education specializing in Health Behavior with gerontology portfolio certificate and her MA in Health Education specializing in Health Promotion from the University of Texas at Austin.

She is the Post doctoral Fellow in the RRTC giving special attention to the development, implementation, and evaluation of health education programs at multiple levels to increase healthy behavior among people with disabilities.

Rie is currently coordinating in the development of the patient activation program and measures to increase the frequency of preventive health care use among individuals with functional limitations, and is involved in conducting and writing a systematic review identifying barriers and facilitators relating to access to primary health care among individuals with disabilities.

In addition to these studies, Rie has major research interests in examining and intervening mediational factors of health behaviors and health outcomes across lifespan, and pursues a line of research in this area.

She serves as a member of the review board of the American Journal of Health Behavior and a member of the American Public Health Association, Society of Behavioral Medicine, and Gerontological Society of America.