Healthcare Access Questions and Answers

Evaluating Clinics via Technology

Q: Have you thought about using P.D.A.'s for the OHCUP or something like that to actually collect the data and dump it into computer?

A: That is a dream of ours to be able to have the resources to equip and have that kind of data download.

Substance Abuse Exclusion

Q: Why were studies that involved substance abuse excluded from your study?

A: We wanted to see the more general access of health care. If we looked at substance abuse, it may have linked to a more complex model of people with disabilities.

Clinic Accessibility

Q: Does every clinic, in fact, need to be accessible? To what degree?

A: It depends if it's a Title II or Title III entity. It's conceivable a state or local government could meet the provision of services at a county public health clinic, if you viewed it in its entirety, if it had a single clinic or number of clinics, that were accessible and some that were not. So you could run into that distinction between state and local governments, and then places of public accommodation and private sector, private doctors' offices which should and could be required to meet the accessibility requirements.

OHCUP Iterations

Q: There were three iterations of the OHCUP and I am wondering did you use the same assessors for each testing of each of those iterations? If so, is there reason to think that maybe the assessors were getting better rather than the tools getting better?

A: One rater was consistent throughout. Then there were two different raters as well.

OHCUP Validity

Q: I'm wondering about the validity and other than getting input from lots of experts, is there anything that you have done to really see if these are the right things for usability?

A: Both through the focus group process and the content validity ratios that were calculated with the subject matter experts established the primary validity.