LEND Multicultural Training Program

The LEND High School Training Program, in collaboration with OHSU administration, OHSU University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, and the LEND Training Program, works to recruit and retain individuals from diverse backgrounds in careers within the disability field.

Program Details

This program will allow for 1-3 students at a time (projected 50-80 per year) to experience a rich opportunity, where they will learn about:

  • Team Dynamics
  • Interdisciplinary assessment
  • Care coordination
  • Use of community resources
  • Current research
  • Cultural competence

The program is designed to bring awareness to young individuals about health care practices and potential careers in the health and disability fields.

The program is structured to maximize the development of additional leadership skills within our group of long-term trainees.

Additional Information

The LEND High School Program was developed to offset the difficulty in recruiting trainees of diverse backgrounds, particularly in the State of Oregon, where African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic cultural groups make up only 13 percent of the population.

To enhance recruitment efforts of these populations to enter health fields, this project will intensify its efforts with the AUCD Multicultural Committee and work with university training directors to identify students of diverse cultures from graduate programs, increase recruiting efforts from universities known to have cultural diverse student bodies, and seek high-level stipend support for all trainees.

The project is establishing a working relationship with the OHSU Center on Diversity and Multicultural Programs to develop opportunities designed to recruit minorities into the health care field from local schools, and recruit CDRC faculty and/or LEND trainees from diverse backgrounds.